Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Texas Baptist Crucible

We at Bread and Circuses have decided unanimously to post a brief plug here for our friend James Spurgeon at the Texas Baptist Underground. James was involved with a school and ministry in Longview, Texas, for seven harrowing years until the Lord saw fit to open his eyes to the extremely unbiblical and man-centered philosophies that were so rampant.

I think it would be safe to state that Texas Baptist College and Longview Baptist Temple could best be described as both extremely man-centered and legalistic. The book is aimed at informing those who may be involved in one of these ministries of the unbiblical principles on which they are based and thrive upon.

It was not too long ago that I sat in disbelief reading some of his 'Tales from the Temple' on what was known in cyberspace as the Fighting Fundamentalist Forums. 'Tales from the Temple' are the basis, I believe, for what now has been published as "The Texas Baptist Crucible". I can honestly say that they were a forum favorite for many people for several years.

I soon will be submitting my order for a copy of "The Texas Baptist Crucible", and I hope that you will do the same.

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Joshua Richards


Fundamentally Reformed said...

James Spurgeon's book was a big help to me when I first came out of the IFBx circles. Now I did not come from anything nearly as extreme of an environment as Longview Baptist Temple/Texas Baptist College. Yet that book (I read it when it was online in HTML format before his book was published) really opened my eyes to how controlling and cultish IFBx-dom is a whole. It helped me see some of the elements from my own experience which were clearly extreme and controlling from a Biblical perspective. It also helped me to laugh at some things and to realize that I am not alone.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is wondering about the problems of IFBxdom. James' lives out some of those problems, and he helps you see how egregious and demeaning to God's grace they really are.

Mike Hess said...

I first read the online version of this about 8 months ago or so. Sadly, it seemed to be rather identical to what many of us who went to HAC experienced - constant fear of man, intimidation, infatuated with numbers, and wanting to be noticed and recognized for producing "numbers". Like "fundamentally reformed" I am thankful to be reading these blogs from former Hylesites who (by God's grace) have had their eyes opened to the wonderful truth of God-centered theology.

I'll be sure to purchase a copy soon. Keep up the good work guys.

James Spurgeon said...

Thanks, guys. You truly are a blessing.

Keep in mind that all proceeds from the book go toward replacing the funds I poured into that cesspool of a ministry for seven years.